About Us

First Avenue North (FAN) is a small family-owned company that creates sports-inspired apparel that blends identity with simplicity.

Our apparel highlights the addresses and stomping grounds of your favorite sport teams. The colors and subtle designs in our collection may be meaningless to casuals, but to a true fan like you, it means everything.

The t-shirts in our collection pairs perfectly with the broken-in team cap that you already own and is infinitely wearable for all game-day gatherings. Whether you're hosting your friends and family at home, sitting in the nosebleed section, or tailgating in the parking lot, our shirts is a subtle yet clear reminder for which team you are rooting. It doesn't scream to others what your favorite sports team is, instead it's a secret handshake with those who know.

When you see another FAN shirt in the wild, know that you've just made a new friend. Thank you for your support and we'll see you at the game.


P.s. use #firstavenuenorth on your favorite social media platform to connect with other true fans.